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Voxativ Ampeggio Loudspeakers


"Voxativ Schimmel Ampeggio: $33,000/pair

Made in Germany and now imported by Highend-Electronics in CA, the beautiful Ampeggio uses a single proprietary 7" dual-cone driver with a large, convex surround, designed to accommodate a much greater excursion than the typical Lowther driver. The complex cabinet, designed and voiced in collaboration with Schimmel Pianos, incorporates a series of faceted internal boards for optimal radiation resistance, and houses a twice-folded horn nearly 9' long. The Ampeggio offered the usual Lowther traits of transient speed, spatial presence, dramatic ease, and physical impact, but added deep, well-controlled bass and excellent soundstaging. "A high-efficiency, single-driver loudspeaker for which no excuses need be made," said AD. JA was impressed by the Voxativ's superbly flat in-room response and genuine 98dB sensitivity." (Stereophile Vol.34 No.8 Read Review Online)


"... the Ampeggio's cabinet is made from a variety of woods from Schimmel's own selection: The side panels are made of the same three-layer sandwich used to make piano lids, medium-hard particleboards form the inner surfaces, and carefully aged tonewoods are used for the baffle and the surfaces immediately behind the driver."


- Astra Suite note : Voxativ premium speaker cabinets are made by established German piano companies



"The Voxativ Ampeggio went beyond sounding good. ... I was able to enjoy everything I played through them - not just as sound but as music - without fatigue, frustration, or worst of all, lack of interest."


"The Shindo Vosne-Romance preamplifier's darker yet more detailed sound (compared to that of its 20%-less expensive stablemate, the Shindo Masseto) was revealed as never before - making it amost impossible to move backward from dearer to the humbler."


- excerpts from Stereophile review by Art Dudley, August 2011 issue.


* More information on Voxativ Ampeggio and its design can also be found in this review from

Voxativ logo


Voxativ Ampeggio - Stereophile Product Of The Year 2011



Voxativ Ampeggio in white and black

Voxativ Ampeggio

The Voxativ Ampeggio works without crossovers that goes in between the music, affecting timing and

phase. The speaker drivers are directly connected by solid core inside wiring to the speaker terminals.

Cabinets made by established piano companies, superb piano profile fine art that will compliment fine furniture too.



Our Impressions Of The Voxativ Ampeggios


A lot of good things have been said about these pair of speakers. We don't have much to add that has not been described already.


Beautiful sound right out of the box !


What makes the Voxativ Ampeggios sonically different from the usual crop of single-driver designs are their extended yet non-fatiguing highs, and taut, tactile, full bass in the right doses down to 38Hz. Truly a significant advancement in the widebander design.  Listeners are amazed that a single-driver speaker has highs that extend more than many speakers having separate tweeters.

These all contribute as well to the rendering of outstandingly natural timbre, which is one of the best we have heard.  Instruments sound very real, a true representative of what high fidelity really means.

Very well-balanced from top to bottom, the speakers breezed through several complex recordings with ease.


One of the speakers' greatest strength is that the Voxativ Ampeggios are essentially "uncoloured". They will more or less faithfully render with high fidelity what the frontend feeds them.


So our impressions on the speakers' performance are also a reflection on the quality of the frontend equipment that we used. Any changes in the frontend will easily be heard when using these speakers. These speakers will reveal the character of your frontend, and Art Dudley did mention this in his Stereophile review of the Voxativ Ampeggios.


Naturally, an excellent amplifier and source is needed to get a wonderful sound. These do not necessarily have to be expensive. One will notice that even in shows, the frontend used to match with the Voxativ Ampeggios were high-quality components with prices much lower than just the cables used in other demo rooms. The possibilities of matching can be extensive.

Voxativ Ampeggio Signature

Voxativ Ampeggio Signature Edition


Special edition version of the Ampeggio, any color

Higher-grade signature edition drivers (slightly higher price)


Voxativ Ampeggio, in black

Voxativ Ampeggio



Voxativ Ampeggio Description and Specifications


A breakthrough you simply have to hear to appreciate. Finally, VOXATIV Ampeggio means there is at last a backloaded horn that sounds every bit as wonderful as it looks.



It is powered by our biggest neodymium driver: The AC-3X. The AC-3X driver is made only for the Voxativ Ampeggio loudpseakers and not sold separately.



The enclosure is a collaboration between Voxativ and established German piano companies. They optimize all the resonant issues and use special tone wood for the backloaded horn cabinet that very deliberately uses no circular arcs but facetted turns to have optimal amplification while eliminating unwanted reflections and resonances.



The cabinet surface is covered in real piano lacquer, i.e. 1mm deep polyurethane paint polished about 10 times. The Voxativ logo is made from brass and integrated into the paint.



Inside we use solid-core copper cable and Mundorf solid copper binding posts. No crossover components of any sort are employed. The sound is optimized purely by the mechanical excellence of the driver and cabinet.



The efficiency of 100dB will not pose any problems for small luxury and excellent sounding amps.




Voxativ Ampeggio Specifications

Frequency Response38 - 20,000 Hz ( lower with wall reinforcements)

Voxativ AC-3X - neodymium version of the AC-X driver

Efficiency100 db/1W/1 m, measures 11 / 12 ohms
Capacity50 W sine wave
Dimensions (W x H x D)16 x 46.5 x 18 in (40.6 x 118 x 45.7 cm / )


55 kg



There are 2 different types of cabinets for the Voxativ Ampeggio loudspeakers, as follows, in order of highest price to lowest:


  • Transparent acrylic cabinet version - The piano companies we work with are experts in this as they have done it for some of their pianos, as shown with their grand piano below
  • Black or White piano wood



Schimmel grand  piano acrylic version


Voxativ Ampeggio


Voxativ Ampeggio in black


Voxativ Ampeggio in white



Voxativ Ampeggio Top Curve

Voxativ Ampeggio Curve


Voxativ Ampeggio At The Showroom

Voxativ Ampeggio