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Voxativ Ampeggio, J.C. Verdier, Aurorasound VIDA Phono Stage




Astra Suite brings you world class audio equipment with high sonic performance and musicality.


We offer high quality audio systems that respect music ...


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Voxativ 9.87 and T211 amplifier

Voxativ 9.87 System and T-211 Amplifier at the Singapore showroom


Voxativ and Absolare

Voxativ and Absolare at the Jakarta showroom

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Astra Suite Product Brands :



The sonic wonder Voxativ Ampeggio Due field-coil speakers at our client's place

Voxativ Ampeggio Due at one of our clients


Featured Products


Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier at the showroom - *Click or Tap here for article*

Listen to this wonderful amplifier at our showroom


Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier with 9.87 System at Singapore Showroom Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier


Voxativ 9.87 Loudspeakers

Listen to these majestic loudspeakers at our showroom


Voxativ 9.87 Loudspeaker System Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier with 9.87 System at Singapore Showroom Voxativ AC-4D driver on a 9.87 System


Voxativ Zeth Loudspeakers

Check out these beautiful mahogany finish loudspeakers at our showroom


Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers in Mappa Burl veneer Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers Voxativ Zeth
Voxativ Zeth in mahogany finish at the showroom


Scheu Analogue


Ulla Scheu, and Katie Melua with her Scheu Black Diamond turntable Scheu Black Diamond Turntable Scheu Cello Classic Evolution Turntable Scheu Cello Classic Timbre Turntable Scheu Analog - Premier MK2 turntable with Classic MK2 tonearm


Ubiq Audio


* Click or tap to enlarge

Ubiq Audio - Model One - black with silver top


Ubiq Audio - Model One - Wood Finish


Helius Designs - UK


* Click or tap to enlarge

Helius Designs Omega Tonearms


Helius Designs Alexia Turntable


Helius Designs Alexia Turntable With Silver Ruby Tonearm Video - Click or tap on the image below to listen from a video

Helius Designs works very closely with EAR, so one will see Helius Designs in an EAR room

Helius Designs Alexia Turntable With Silver Ruby Tonearm Video


Metrum Acoustics Musette NOS R2R DAC


* Click or tap to enlarge

Metrum Acoustics Musette NOS R2R DAC


Antipodes Audio Reference Music Servers


* Click or tap to enlarge

Antipodes Audio



Legendary Turntables ... J.C. Verdier, since 1978


The J.C. Verdier legendary turntables are now in the showroom.


Monsieur J.C. Verdier on the Platine Verdier - “ You do not buy my turntable, you get married to it ...



J.C. Verdier Nouvelle Platine at the showroom

* Click or tap here to view more pictures

Nouvelle Platine


J.C. Verdier Platine Verdier at the showroom

Platine Verdier


Aurorasound VIDA Phono Stage - Monoblock Version


Mr. Shinobu Karaki, Aurorasound's chief designer, offers a very unique product, a monoblock phono stage. The VIDA monoblock phono stage was initially developed as requested by famous veteran audio writer and vinyl enthusiast Mr.Isashi Tanaka for his own use. With the monoblock version, the VIDA phono stage is sonically optimized even further.


Mr. Tanaka ordered a full spec monoblock VIDA, two chassis, and in/out were all both XLR + RCA. 8 position MC impedance and three position MM Impedance. There are 2 output as Mr. Tanaka is using the phono stage for two systems in two different rooms. An article about his special VIDA will appear soon in Japan's premier audio magazine, "Stereo".


The monoblock version is available now to the public from a standard configuration for those who don't need all the options, right up to the full spec as used by Mr. Tanaka. The first standard configuration monoblock VIDA in Singapore for our client will arrive in August 2015.


Aurorasound VIDA Monoblock Phono Stage

Mr. Tanaka's VIDA monoblocks, rear view (click or tap to enlarge)






Dealer Showroom (equipment setup varies from time to time)

The showroom, layout changes from time to time

Palmer 2.5 Turntable, superb

Palmer 2.5 turntable at the showroom

Some Outstanding Musical Products


Voxativ Ampeggio Loudspeakers

Voxativ Ampeggio by Schimmel Pianos ... from Germany

Voxativ loudspeakers are statement products where both drivers and cabinets were designed by the same company. A potent combination.


  about Voxativ loudspeakers

Lavardin Technologies Model IT-15 Integrated Amp

Lavardin IT-15 amplifier ... a significant upgrade

Analog tube-like transparency and sonics without the valves ...



  about Lavardin Amplifiers









The Italian Collection : World-Class References

Mastersound valve amplification




The French Connection : among the best in the world

Lavardin amplification and Neodio CD playback at our client's place

Lavardin et Neodio


Lecontoure Stabile 160 speakers by Lavardin Technologies,

wonderful sealed-design speakers at the showroom

Lecontoure Stabile 160 in Wenge finish at Showroom

Living Voice

Satin Walnut finish

Living Voice Loudspeakers


Neodio ... from France


“NeoDio keeps impressing me on the tonal color and bass elasticity resembling much of my Da Vinci LP setup....I have not heard a better source playing vocal, violin and cello!! The realism just thrills me up!!”


“I would not spend the time to tell you all the scores by attributes if my "gang" over here was not "floored" by it. It (Neodio) eclipses the Zanden 2000p/5000s by a wide margin, as musicality seems to be newly discovered from the same records over and over."


  customer feedback at Hongkong audiophile forum



“…the detail of dCS, the naturalness of Wadia, the stage-width of an Esoteric and the bounce of Naim. It manages to mix the best of these without sacrificing the whole.”


“A strange aspect of the NR22 that is also common on good vinyl – but rare on CD – is its ability to change tonality with each new disc.” “…but most CD players blur this distinction.”


“The NR22 is a world class player that can do both (play CD and process Hi-Rez files via USB) well”


- excerpts from HiFi+ Issue 76 review