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Voxativ Ampeggio Due Field-Coil Loudspeakers


The Ampeggio Due is the bigger brother of the Ampeggio, likewise finished in immaculate real piano finish.


Voxativ Ampeggio Due in black

Voxativ Ampeggio Due Voxativ Ampeggio Due



The Voxativ Ampeggio Due in one of the rooms of our client

Voxativ Ampeggio Due



The Voxativ Ampeggio Due we exhibited at the Shanghai Show 2012

Voxativ Ampeggio Due



Voxativ Ampeggio Due Description and Specifications


The Ampeggio Due is a design which was especially created for our AC-Xp field coil driver.


This horn convinces with its shallow depth of only 19cm (7.5"). The horn openings are facing down.


Since this speaker is equipped with our AC-Xp driver, it's bass response extends down to 25 Hz.


Despite this phenomenal bass response the highs remain silky-smooth, very transparent, open and full of unheard of details. The overall sound impresses with explosive dynamics.


One (!) watt amplifier power is enough for full delight.


If you’ve heard the Voxativ Ampeggio loudspeakers, and were suitably floored by their fabulous transparency and lifelike presentation, you will be blown out of the window by their bigger sibling, the Voxativ Ampeggio Due field coil loudspeakers.

If Stereophile awarded the Voxativ Ampeggio with their coveted Product Of The Year 2011 badge for going beyond sounding good and immersing them in glorious musicality, the Voxativ Ampeggio Due enhances that musicality further with the higher technology it offers over its smaller siblings.

With bass going down to 25Hz, and absolutely superb natural-sounding mids and highs extension, the Ampeggio Dues are truly representative of the widebander design. There is no other like it. Absolutely musical … maybe because the designer is a woman ? :)

Transparency ? Many will be forgiven when they go to their psychiatrist complaining that they are hearing sounds they have never heard before while listening to their new system with the Ampeggio Due. Sounds from the mouth, breathing, moving, grunts, and more, even whispering voices … and all naturally presented in the highest fidelity without affecting musicality, we just feel it enhances the impression that the performance is live, in our room.

Scale ! This is where the Voxativ Ampeggio Due speakers excel at so well. Orchestral pieces and dynamics, both micro and macro, are easily rendered by these wonderful speakers. From the huge number of visitors who came to our room at the Shanghai Hifi Show each day, we realized how much most of them loved classical music, small ensembles to large orchestras. As expected, the Voxativ Ampeggio Due speakers passed the tests of their critical ears, garnering praises all throughout each day, with gestures of appreciation to Voxativ designer Ines Adler who was with us. They have good ears for sure.

And for lesser scale music, from the Stan Ricker mastered version of Ray Brown’s Soular Energy LP with its demanding bass tracks, to the calm and soothing voices of Carol Kidd and Cai Qin, the Ampeggio Due speakers delivered with aplomb. After all, holographic voices are the usual traits of great single driver designs. The difference is that the Ampeggio Due speakers are producing superb bass that are usually the domain of multiple-driver speakers. Amazing, revolutionary ! Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that this was with a puny 8 watt amplifier … using 300B tubes to be specific, single-ended. Just one driver, and we can’t blame some visitors looking for the subwoofer in the room which does not exist.

A professor at the University of Berlin was so taken aback by this phenomena, as it was not supposed to be possible. This is explained by the employment of technology used in the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter jets, where every resonance on the Ampeggio Due is precisely measured and controlled.



Voxativ Ampeggio Due Specifications

Frequency Response25 - 20,000 Hz ( lower with wall reinforcements)

Voxativ AC-XP field coil

Efficiency100 db/1W/1 m, measures 11 / 12 ohms
Capacity50 W sinus
Dimensions (W x H x D)120 x 100 x 19 cm


90 kg



Voxativ Ampeggio Due Finish (2 types)


  • Black or white piano - cabinet and finish


  • The Ampeggio Due Art Edition



The Ampeggio Due Art Edition:


A special edition Ampeggio Due with artwork by Berlin artist Gabriele Schlesselmann on the speakers.


For the first time art and music merge into one overall experience.


Created with gold leaf on oil and acrylic.


This first piece of the series:

"4-Dimensional Communication" can now be seen and heard in Voxativ's Berlin office.

Voxativ Ampeggio Due






Voxativ Ampeggio Due

Ampeggio Due Art Edition

(other art available)