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Mastersound Tube Amplifiers from Italy





Mastersound, of Italy, since 1993.  Mastersound is based in Vicenza, northeast of Italy. All Mastersound products are made in Italy.


Mastersound's founder, Cesare Sanavio, built his first tube amplifier back in 1947, and dedicated most of his professional life to the design and manufacture of very high quality audio frequency transformers.


Luciano and Lorenzo, his audio enthusiast sons, saw the birth of the modern SET movement, and realized that they were in a uniquely good position to join the industry themselves, being in the audio transformer industry. 

Mastersound's first amplifiers became available commercially in 1993, and the rest is history. 


Philosophy - "We want to produce amplifiers which arouse emotions in the listeners, every piece of music should arouse exactly the emotions the artist who composed it and the performer who played wanted to convey. 


The listeners should feel immersed in the music, absorbed in the execution of the piece enjoying the details of the voices and of the instruments in the most natural way, feeling emotions …"


Mastersound Group

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What makes Mastersound amplifiers, especially the 845s, able to drive tough speaker loads ?  Lorenzo of Mastersound credits this to the quality of the inhouse transformers, made by Mastersound themselves. 



Mastersound's in-house transformers are famous and special in their own way.  Most transformers are heavy because of the amount of metal, but Mastersound's go a little further.


Mastersound’s designer demands Litz wire windings, insists on a no-solder policy inside the transformer, and precisely specifies the number of windings.  They then pot the transformer inside a can filled with a resin and gravel mix. This damps the transformer perfectly, and adds a lot of mass, as well as acting as a security measure to protect their proprietary design.  The transformer will be destroyed if attempts are made to remove the transformer from its casing.


All Mastersound amplifiers are Zero Feedback, Class-A based designs. Each product is hand-built in stages. Mastersound recommends a minimum of 200 hours burn-in to reach peak performance.


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All amplifiers are Single-Ended or Parallel Single-Ended designs, no push-pull.  Parallel Single-Ended allows more power while retaining the character of a Single-Ended design - like a fast response and rich harmonic content.


Since 1993, Mastersound valve amplifiers from Italy have been beguiling many music lovers around the world.


Mastersound amplifiers are true enchanters … musical seduction, Italian-style.




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Mastersound Evolution 845

Mastersound Evolution 845 Integrated

Mastersound Compact 845

Mastersound Compact 845 Integrated





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Mastersound 300B Amplifiers



Mastersound 845 Amplifiers




Mastersound Preamplifier






Mastersound Factory Tour


Mastersound PH L5 V2

Mastersound PH L5 V2 Preamplifier


Mastersound Monoblock 845

Mastersound Monoblock 845 Power Amplifiers


Mastersound 300B P.S.E.

Mastersound 300B P.S.E. Integrated Amplifier