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BOX Furniture Co. - Hifi Racks




BOX Furniture Co. High Fidelity Racks


Enjoy The Music

"The BOX Furniture Co. rack is one of the outstanding bargains in high-end audio. Never before has the music filled my room with such energy, life and presence. Never before has my room been as charged with the life and joy of music. The BOX Audio rack was made for music, and made by a musician to boot.


I have decided to keep both the BOX Furniture Co. rack and the HRS racks as my reference systems. I will use the BOX audio rack with new equipment as it comes in so that I might learn more about it and in future reviews I will update my report on it and tell you how it sounds with more and more equipment. "

- Jules Coleman, Enjoy The Music


Stereophile Recommended Component

BOX S3S - Stereophile Recommended Component - from Mar 2009



Box Furniture Co. hifi racks (of New York, USA). Designed by Anthony Abbate - musician, the man behind the DeVore Fidelity speaker cabinets, as well as a designer and maker of fine furniture (some of which graces the home of a prominent contemporary fashion designer). The factory is conveniently located next to DeVore Fidelity in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 


The Audio Equipment Racks are the latest items in his expanding catalog. These excellent racks are handcrafted in the USA by BOX Furniture Co. utilizing the highest quality materials, mortise and tenon construction, and modern catalyzed finishes.


This combination of traditional craftsmanship, clean contemporary lines, and great sound will complement the finest of audio systems.


Staffed by a talented and musical crew, BOX is born from decades of furniture making, record collecting, system tweaking, and sound engineering.

Extensive listening tests and careful materials consideration are integral to the creation of the BOX line of furniture. Just as the materials selection of a finely crafted musical instrument affects its tonal qualities, the BOX materials recipe is refined to best mate with the precise resolution and demands of High Fidelity audio components.


The inset shelves are a laminate of five different woods and three different glues that are recessed and glued into the frame for increased rigidity.


BOX Furniture Co. racks come in single, wide, and double-width configurations of two, three and four shelves. Model names indicate the number of shelves and finish - i.e. S3A means Single-width 3 shelves in Anigre finish , W3S means Wide Single-Width 3 shelves in Sapele finish, HD4A means double-width 4 shelves in Anigre finish.


Shipped assembled, no assembly required except for spikes.


BOX Mortise and Tenon


BOX HiFi Racks - S3S and D3A

"Simply put, music is liberated and comes to life in a most relaxed and natural way. When I placed my Shindo and Wavac gear on the BOX rack, it seemed to release the equipment to simply let music come to life."


"With the BOX rack, my system sounded very powerful with explosive dynamics, great energy, and dynamics. The sound had a nice sense of ease and the soundstage was more expansive and had greater scale."


"Compared to similar sized racks from companies like HRS, Rix Rax, and SRA, the BOX Furniture Rack has to be one of the most outstanding bargains in all of high-end audio-land." - Jack Roberts,



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BOX configurations   

BOX Single Width Racks


BOX Wide Single Width Racks

BOX Wide Single Width Rack

BOX Heavy Double Width Racks

BOX Double Width Rack



BOX D3S Hifi rack

BOX W3S Hifi Rack in Sapele wood finish


BOX S3A Hifi Rack

BOX S3A in Anigre wood finish


Audia flight Products

Custom-made BOX HD4A 4-tier rack in highly-figured Anigre finish with high-gloss black shelves


BOX custom-made

Custom-made highly-figured Anigre finish with high-gloss black shelves


Custom BOX hifh rack supporting Kondo and Microseiki

Client's custom-made BOX Heavy Duty 4-tier rack in maple supporting Kondo and Microseiki equipment



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