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Voxativ Pi 2 Loudspeakers


Fidelity Magazine Review


"...the PI produces a sound quality that is fascinating, to say the least, and delivers a listening pleasure that one only hears once in a blue moon, if ever..."


"... that the PI would fit in the smallest of places and at shorter listening distances also works very well is an advantage. As to how the PI sounds, it is a sensation ..."


- Roland Kraft, Fidelity Magazine Germany, May 2013



The AST Sculpture


The Voxativ Pi 2 loudspeaker is equipped with The Acoustic Stealth Technology® = AST, a new sound guiding system.


The Voxativ Pi 2 now comes with wooden drivers as standard, stands sold separately.


The Voxativ Pi 2 can radiate about 40 Hz with the AST system, with a sound much more "open" than a reflex system.


Built inhouse, the driver system is new as well, equipped with a magnet unit that has been optimized by means of AST and the finite element method (FEM).


The University of Chemnitz in Germany has specially developed the diaphragm coating. Of course, all parts are handmade in Germany.


With the Voxativ Pi's full and rich sound impression, combined with its unique sculptural shape designed for high sonic performance, Voxativ adds another milestone in its continued development of the the best fullrange loudspeakers in the world.



Voxativ Pi 2


Voxativ Pi 2 Specifications


Frequency Response40 - 20,000 Hz ( lower with wall reinforcements)


Efficiency100 db/1W/1 m
Capacity50 W sinus
Dimensions (W x H x D)38 x 65 x 31 cm / 15 x 25 x 12"


20kg each / 45lbs each, without stands



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Voxativ Pi The New Voxativ Pi The New Voxativ Pi The New Voxativ Pi The New Voxativ Pi
Voxativ Pi Spikes Voxativ Pi 2 Driver Voxativ Pi 2 Bottom View Voxativ Pi 2 Driver