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Viv Lab Rigid Float/Ha Tonearm


Image HiFi


June 2012

"...this arm is nothing short of an audiophile sensation! ...the recordings sound strikingly direct and immediate, with intense dynamics. Drums and percussions come without restraintment, lively, with great three-dimensionality, depth and micro details..."


"...even when not perfectly setup the Rigid Float always played clean and clear, powerful with authority - it was always immediately obvious that we have something special here... "


"...I know of no other similar superior, compatible tone arm. I can't say what percentage of this is due to the genius bearings and what percent is because of the skating-free straight arm... The resulting impression of ordinary tone arms is comparable to perfecting the chassis of a car on a gravel road, while the Japanese arm glides on asphalt, or better said, on oil."

- Uwe Kirbach, Image HiFi


* Subsequently, the Rigid Float tonearm was awarded by Image HiFi as Tonearm Product of The Year 2013.


Viv Lab Rigid Float/Ha Tonearm - "H" stands for "with Nelson Hold headshell", and "a" stands for "with Azimuth adjustment"




A brainchild of Viv Lab's Mr.Koichiro Akimoto-san.


Easy installation, position accordingly, no drilling or screwing.

Now with the original headshell “Nelson Hold”.








The ViV lab's original OIL FLOATED PIVOT not only gives perfect bearing performance but also insulates the arm pipe from the vibration via floor or turntable.


At the same time, this pivot shuts out the reflection of vibration generated by the stylus. As the result, the sound has the highest purity with dynamics, sharp focus and very low distortion. We are sure no one has ever experienced such a sound from vinyl records.





We believe that elbow-shaped arms with offset angle and overhang setting affect the sound quality seriously because of side force fluctuation, which cannot be cancelled optimally by anti-skating mechanisms.


So we designed an arm with a completely straight (i.e.NO OFFSET-ANGLE) structure. You may ask "What about tracking error ?"  The answer is, "The tracking error is a little more, but the sound is much better. You will hear no distortion even with the 7" model, properly set up. This is remarkable !


This allows more explosive dynamics and speed from a tonearm, a characteristic of shorter arms, without the tracking issues of a shorter length.





Unlike other tonearms, "Rigid Float/Ha" is very easy to install. You do not have to drill your turntable plinth nor lift up a heavy turntable, just put it anywhere on your turntable plinth. You can also put it outside the plinth of your turntable.

Viv Lab Rigid H tonearm

Viv Lab Rigid Float/H Tonearm

Black Metallic



Viv Lab Rigid H headshell

Viv Lab Headshell




Viv Lab Rigid Float tonearms

Silk jacketed 4N silver inner wire and rhodium plated terminals for minimum signal loss.


2 color variations :

- Black Metallic

- Black & Gold


3 length variations (7" ,9", 13" ) are available


New - Viv Lab Rigid Float CB Tonearm

*New - 2015 - Rigid Float CB*

The Viv Lab premium models with Carbon armwands have been introduced, Rigid Float CB.


All specs, finish and lengths available are similar to those for the Rigid Float/Ha


>> Click or Tap here to read more about the Rigid Float CB <<



Viv Lab Rigid Float/Ha Tonearm Features


Absolutely no mechanical contact at pivot bearing mechanism, resulting in highest sensitivity and maximum amount of howling margin which results in rich but much tighter bass with no distortion, no muddiness, the most clear sound and wider dynamic range).


There are similar type of bearing pivot available in the market, dipped in oil bath (Oil damp types), but these still require some string or another apparatus to fix the fulcrum for arm rotary motion. The Rigid Float tonearm by contrast, thanks to an automatic positioning mechanism, requires absolutely nothing to interfere with the movement of the cartridge stylus in its inward path through a record.


There might arise some lateral mechanical instability of arms with this type of bearing, but the Rigid Float, equipped with the most appropriate balancing mechanism, assures the stability of the focus. This leads to the name "Rigid Float".


A pure straight structure (i.e. no offset angle) minimizes the side force resulting in superb channel separation, sound stage and sound atmosphere with highest transient rise time and no distortion even when tracing on the most internal part of vinyl record.

A beautifully anodized aluminum pipe is outfitted with resonance rings”, 3 pieces of synthetic ring rubber for damping. These rings can be moved for slight sonic adjustments.


A user friendly universal type head shell connector as well as instructions for tonearm installation onto plinths is included. No drilling of holes is required, just position on plinth or on top of an armboard.


A uniquely shaped standard head shell with the “Nelson Hold” technology tightly supports the cartridge magnetic circuit, which we find as the most important part of a cartridge. Conventional headshells only hold the outside of a cartridge body with 2 screws. The “Rigid Float” tonearm with a “Nelson Hold” headshell removes haze and distortion from the sound.


Inner wiring : Remarkable pure silver wire(4N) with silk jacket.


High Quality RCA connectors with isolated "earth" terminal, with possibility for balanced transmission line.


Viv Lab Nelson Hold Headshell

The center thumb screw pushes and supports the cartridge's magnetic circuit tightly, Light weight and less resonance design. Any cartridge will be improved totally.


Connector : rhodium plated, double fix pin


length : 97mm weight : 12.5g


lead wire : 4N silver / rhodium plated connector




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