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Trafomatic Audio



Trafomatic Audio


"Few maker of SETs dare give full-power distortion specs - and most assuredly avoid any mention of what happens at 30Hz under full throttle ... Many 300B amps struggle to reach 20kHz flat. Trafomatic maintains theirs is down 3dB at 110kHz."


"Sasa built his first complicated tube amplifier in 4th grade .... "While these designs are new for us to perhaps cause surprise as to how we could roll them out in such a short period, they're not new for me. I've had them in my head for many years. With my intense focus on transformer design and manufacture, I simply never before took the time to turn those ideas into actual products."


"If tube amp sonics are 80% transformer-based, Trafomatic Audio enjoys quite the unfair advantage over most of its far more established competition. It's clear that Sasa breathes, thinks and dreams transformers. As is my giant Plitron step-down transformer for 120V kit, Sasa's iron is quiet and runs cool. Though it's unfortunately not common in a sector where size often equates to hum and vibration, mum is the word on the Experience Reference's substantial iron contingent. And as my passive DeVore Fidelity Nines proved, all that iron isn't just impressively silent but produces astonishing bass. "No subwoofer, right?" Sasa asked during an organ track. He grinned contentedly when I shook my head in acknowledgment."


"What's patently clear early on is that these amps truly live up to their 'Reference' moniker. Those who discriminate based on country of origin and whatever they imagine that implies here naturally could care less. Those for whom merit is utterly separate from where something is made; and who have eyed a pair of award-winning Wyetech Labs Sapphires - such folks will be pleased to learn of very strong alternate contenders. These amps implement the 300B as a very linear and highly refined output device. They successfully strip off the fuzz, subliminal soft focus, languor and midbass-for-bass trade one often hears in lesser implementations."


- excerpts from review of the Trafomatic Audio Experience Reference300B Monoblocks. Click to read more, and see more pictures of the design.


Review was done in 2008, Contact Us for current prices ...


Trafomatic Audio Experience Reference 300B Monoblocks

Trafomatic Audio Experience Reference Mono 300B

in black piano finish




We have found in Trafomatic Audio excellent tube amplification that meets our expectations on speed, and more ... affordable too !


Listeners at our dealer showroom have heard the 8 watt Trafomatic Experience Two 300B amplifier drive the Voxativ Ampeggio loudspeakers with ease - outstanding dynamics, transients, and speed. Source was the sublime Neodio NR22 CD Player.


Truly a firm grip on the beat.


Listen to the system yourselves at our dealer showroom, #02-44 The Adelphi.


This is one proper way to play with low-power SET tube amplification ... there is no excuse left that SET amplification cannot kick butt. As one listener said, it changed his perceptions regarding such a system, especially with the single-drive speaker system that ensures perfect coherence.



Trafomatic Audio and Voxativ Speakers and Neodio

Trafomatic Audio Experience One 2A3 at the showroom



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Voxativ, Trafomatic, Neodio

Trafomatic Experience Two 300B Integrated Amplifier