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The Q Up Automatic Tonearm Lifter Pahmer Enterprises



The Q Up - Compatibility


There are three simple issues that need to be met for The Q UP to be compatible.


A template is also provided that you can download, print off and check.

click or press here  Adobe pdf  Click or press here for the template (pdf file)


First, the tonearm must be a pivot type and NOT linear tracking.

SME V Gold


Second, you will need a space of 14 mm between the tonearm and the platter. Slightly less if the lifter is being set up without the base unit.

14mm between platter and tonearm


Third, 36mm is the minimum height between the base where you will set up The Q UP and the bottom of the tonearm when playing a record is if you are using the base unit.


34mm is the minimum height if if you are setting it up without the base unit.



click or press here  Adobe pdf   Click or press here for instructions on setting up The Q Up (pdf file)

SME V Gold



* Low profile turntables


like REGA and PRO-JECT


The Q UP will require some simple DIY modification in order to be compatible with these turntables IF you still want to use the base unit.


We have a page that details our advise and also the input of actual Q UP users and how they made their own successful modifications. (It is not difficult)



click or press here Click or press here to read more about Q Up Modifications