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Peak Consult



Peak Consult




Peak Consult was founded in 1996 by Per Kristoffersen. The production started as a consultation for audiophiles who could not find what they where looking for in the jungle of speakers. The ideology was to create the best speakers, in sound as well as design.


Multiple speakers have seen the light of dawn and many customers worldwide have in their listening room a State of The Art loudspeaker from Peak Consult.


Every person in the Peak Consult team is a skilled Danish artisan with higher goals to bring you the best loudspeaker possible. The awareness of sound staging, room dimensions and sense of instrument location are high priorities in every product from Peak Consult. The biggest goal is to bring the listener to a "You-Are-There" sensation.


Since 1996 we have kept our priorities straight and brought many enthusiasts nearer to their passion: music.

Handmade In Denmark


Every Peak Consult product is designed and built by hand in Denmark. In many ways, that is a stamp of quality and a seal of approval in itself.


At Peak Consult, we use only the best technologies and the best of craftsmanship to reach our goals. At Peak Consult, we maintain full control over every aspect of development and production, in own manufacturing facilities.


Each product is tested, matched and given its own unique number. When the registration card has been filled out and send to Peak Consult, it will be stored in our owner's files.




Peak Consult Zoltan V

Peak Consult Zoltan V


The Peak Consult loudspeakers from Denmark utilize both Scanspeak and Audio Technology drivers.  These drivers are among the best in the world and are also Danish products.


Audio Technology drivers are state-of-art drivers designed by Ejvind Skaaning and Per Skaaning, and made in Stilling, Denmark. Ejvind Skaaning was the guiding force behind several loudspeaker companies in Denmark, among the most prominent are Scan-Speak and Dynaudio corporations, both founded by Mr. Skaaning. Mr. Skaaning was the man !



Care And Maintenance

Peak Consult takes great pride in the high level of performance and finish of our products.


Every speaker from Peak Consult is produced in solid wood and have been oiled and waxed to get the highest finish from a carpenter's hand.


To maintain Peak Consult products in pristine condition, bio-wax is shipped with the speakers so one can maintain the speakers to the highest finish, year by year.


Peak Consult speakers have been thoroughly tested and measured before shipping. Performance will though continue to improve during the first 200 hours of normal use.



Every Peak Consult speaker has been designed for the use of bi wiring technology.



Peak Consult Dragon

Peak Consult Dragon



Peak Consult





Peak Consult loudspeakers are about sonic balance.  Wes Philips of Stereophile sums it all up in his review of one of the peak Consult models.


"The Peak Consult Empress is a pretty special loudspeaker. It may not be your cup of tea if you relate to a specific sort of "speaker" sound - the Empress ain't got one of its own.  And I've heard from other speakers more extended highs; deeper, tauter bass; and greater SPLs.


What I haven't heard is many speakers that do so little wrong or so much so very right.  The key to such rare overachievers is balance.


... Would I buy them if I had $25 grand [*]? Oh, heavens to Betsy, yes.  it wasn't love at first sight, but I could listen to the Empress for a lifetime."


- Wes Philips, Stereophile


[*] Prices in reviews would have changed by now due to upgrades and inflation over time

Peak Consult Empress VII

Peak Consult Empress VII