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Turntable Of The Year 2010

"A deck with excellent measured performance, which sounds neutral, open, dynamic and powerful, yet which plays music in a mellifluous and beguiling way. This is not an analogue player that secretly wants to be a digital one; it flows like wine at a good party and is no less enjoyable. It’s a truly impressive first product from Palmer Audio, and one that was so obviously built with every concern for sonics and little regard for commerce. One of the real surprises of the year."


“ I was presented with a wonderfully wide and expansive soundstage, with boldly located instruments which just oozed texture.”


“I think many vinyl fans will find its supremely delicate but detailed, mellifluous but musical sound addictive; it just pulls you into the recording, soothes you and makes you never want to leave.”



Palmer turntables, of UK, by Jonathan Palmer, mechanical engineer, musician, and audio maven.



Palmer 2.5 Turntable with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm


Jonathan Palmer considers his designs as holistic, to be taken in its entirety, and not really appropriate to break down into specifications. In his design philosophy, the drive system is not simply a motor - the motor, housing, belt, pulley, platter, plinth, mat, main bearing etc as all these items have to combine harmoniously to realize the results he is looking for. It is a system after all.


He uses AC synchronous motors which may be somewhat unfashionable these days. But AC motors are very good timekeepers, and being used to accurately power clocks and medical equipment is surely a fine indication of their performance. They rely solely upon the frequency that they are provided with and cannot deviate from that.


A DC motor needs a feedback loop to tell it to either go faster or slow down. However, it can only be told to do this once the error has occurred and so may be in a constant state of change however small.


The power supply outputs only the necessary amount of power required to maintain the constant stable rotation of the high mass platter. Anything more than this is considered as simply "noise".


Palmer 2.5 Turntable with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm


"Like a fine watch movement, it is a delicate balance that provides a state of harmony between the drag and inertia.


Starting a palmer turntable requires you to interact with it, much like winding a mechanical watch It soon becomes second nature to spin the platter with just the right amount of force so that it is running to speed instantly.


So then, an Holistic approach to turntable design, every component is considered in how it interacts with its neighbor so that the sum of the parts is exceeded by the whole."


Palmer Turntable Logo on Clamp


Palmer Audio 2.5 Turntable


The palmer 2.5 is the latest turntable from palmer audio. The latest bearing used is a Tungsten Carbide ball of grade 5 and an accuracy of 4.00000 ! This runs on a very hard spring steel thrust pad. The focus that this bearing arrangement brings to the turntable is superb.


The palmer 2.5 likewise sports an extremely massive billet aluminum platter, a compressed birch veneer plinth, and a very well isolated AC synchronous motor. Classic British made analogue product and sound.


A great buy, the palmer 2.5 sounds better than the more expensive model palmer 3, and it is now necessary to update the palmer 3 model to a new benchmark. The palmer 3 is currently unavailable, it is under redesign until further notice.



palmer 2.5 turntable with Audio Origami tonearm

(1st place winner in the Hifi-World 2007 awards, even better in 2011)

Palmer 2.5 Turntable with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm


Palmer 2.5 Turntable with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm


Palmer 2.5 Turntable with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm


Palmer 2.5 Turntable with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm


palmer 2.5 bronze armboard, with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm

Palmer 2.5 Turntable with Audio Origami PU7 tonearm


palmer 2.5 power supply, speed setting knob

(setting only done for 33-1/3rpm, no need for 45rpm as it gets set when 33-1/3 is set)

Palmer 2.5 power supply