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Organic Audio


a sister company of Argento Audio



Organic Audio Cables


"For those who cannot afford the Argento FMR or the Flow series like me, the Organic cables to my big surprise has so much clarity. It does not sound like a copper cable. Quite clear in the mid range and clean bass. I also like the XLR connectors. It is very cool looking."


"After many read the comments here, other audio friends brought audionote and transparent reference with mm technology tonight to compare with the organic."



"The sogon (Audio Note) produces very attractive high freq band. I like it very much on violin and female vocal recordings. The bass band become shy on recordings when more bass instruments are there. The transparent is just the opposite. The lower mid range band and bass band are more solid. The organic produces the most details on all freq bands. It has no attractive high like the sogon, no solid bass like the transparent. It seems the stuff are naturally there."


- Addicted To Argento - excerpts from Audio Exotics forum.


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Organic Audio Cables

Organic Audio Cables



"Organic Audio is a new company founded by the people and the brains behind the world famous ultra high-end audio cable manufacturer Argento Audio.


The purpose of creating this new offspring is to develop an original, state-of-the-art line of more cost effective but still high performance cables, drawing on the unsurpassed knowledge and experience accumulated over the years by Argento Audio.


The first line of products to be introduced in the new brand is simply called “Organic” and consists of XLR and RCA analog interconnector, speaker cables and power cables.

Organic Audio cables cost approximately half as much as the pure silver Serenity cables by Argento but provide a quite significant portion of the quality of their noble siblings, and in some systems of less acute performance, even closer.



Many unique, unseen features at this price point ensure that level of performance:

• Based on the geometry found in the Serenity cables by Argento Audio·
• Made of pure copper instead of pure silver.
• Custom made connectors made of the same type of pure copper as the conductors (4-8 times lower resistance than the normal Brass or bronze parts used in most other connectors).
• Connectors feature the patented contact pressure increasing technique also found in the Argento connectors. High contact pressure leading to significantly lower contact resistance.
• Cryo treated.
• Damped Air dielectric: the conductors are wrapped in an ultra low weight fiber that functions as a damping material to avoid vibrations in the conductor. However the fibers are so porous that they only touch a small part of the total surface of the conductor and therefore AIR is the primary dielectric. Heavily reduced microphonics and very low dielectric absorption.



Cherry on the cake, all cables produced under the Organic Audio brand are carefully manufactured in Denmark, allowing us to guarantee the highest level of quality.

Providing such a product has been a long term personal goal for me because it allows a much larger group of Audiophiles to have access to our products and enjoy the unique sound quality of our approach.


I hope that you will share our enthusiasm for our new cables after audition with your Organic dealer."

- Ulrik G. Madsen
Founder & CEO, Organic Audio


Organic Audio : Product Line

Organic Cables RCA


Organic Audio Cables in Pictures



Organic RCA

Organic RCA connectors


Organic RCA connectors detail


Organic XLR

Organic RCA Interconnects

Organic RCA Connectors

Organic RCA Connectors

Organic XLR interconnects


Organic XLR connectors


Organic XLR connectors detail

Organic Speaker Cables


Organic Power Cord - EU

Organic XLR Connectors

Organic XLR Connectors

Organic Speaker Cables

Organic Power Cord - EU



Organic Power Cord - USA




Organic Power Cord - USA