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Mastersound Tube Amplifiers from Italy



Mastersound 300B Monoblock Plus Power Amplifiers

January 2012


"The output rating is one the of the highest I have seen of any 300B-based amplifier. It manages to pump out 30W per channel with only two 300B tubes per channel. The circuit is pure class A with zero negative feedback. When I ask Mr. Sanavio about his secrets for achieving such a high output, he said much of it is due to the output transformer which are wounded in house by hand.

The Mastersound drove the Orpheus gloriously with all the top-end glamour as can be expected from any 300B-based amplifier, the only difference is the Orpheus is rated at only 87 dB, a sensitivity rating which usually calls for higher output solid-state amplifiers. I was impressed! "



No 3, 2008



Test - Mastersound Monoblock 300B and Monoblock 845 together


"She draws attention of the listener to the center of the musical event, giving singers an extra helping of breath and Solo Instrumentalists have a bit more ernergy to their virtuosity over the musical context.


Critics might say now, that 300B has no bass - they are invited to listen to the Mastersound 300B. powerful, inertia-free, and with attack in the bass.


Anemic 80db speakers or techno music in loud volume are not the 300B tube domain, however; but, especially with the 320B tubes, far more diverse music can be used than is commonly expected from a normal 300B amp. With reasonably suitable musical material and speakers, the Mastersound 300B monoblocks can deliver : surprisingly powerful and clean contoured playback with much detail, an almost visual soundstage space, and over all these is an inimitable emotional dedication they present music soloists.  The 845 Monoblocks are on the other hand what one would need for more all-rounder applications."


"Again, "uff": ... To the very highest level of the decision which one to take between the fascinating emotional 300B and a perfect 845 Monoblock. I envy the one who takes either one. 


Do not come to this torment I have in choosing - I think I would just take both."


- this is for the previous Mastersound Monoblock 300B



The Mastersound 300B Monoblock Plus Power Amplifiers are new Year 2012 products from Mastersound.  The 300B Monoblock Plus is a significant upgrade from the original 300B Monoblock. 

“This new Mastersound product is a big evolution in the concept of power amplifiers. All the high technology of our Top Level model, the “Mastersound PF100 Limited”, is incorporated in this new Power Amplifier. The soundstage is very impressive, and the 300B tube give us all their magic, for a perfect and refined listening. “


Mastersound 300B Monoblock Plus

Mastersound 300B Monoblock Plus with natural wood panels and tube guards



Mastersound 300B Monoblock Plus


Specifications :


  • Parallel Single Ended
  • Class of operation: class “A”

  • Power: 2 X 30 Watt

  • Chassis in stainless steel AISI 304 antimagnetic

  • Tube complement: 2 X 300B
  • Drivers: 6SN7 GT

  • Input: 1 X RCA

  • Input impedance 100K OHM
  • Input sensitivity : 1 volt

  • Output transformer MASTERSOUND

  • Load impedance: 4 – 8 Ohms

  • Negative feedback: 0 DB
  • Bandwidth: 1 Hz / 100 kHz – 0 dB

  • Dimensions: 43 X 33 X 24,5 cm.
  • Weight: 22,5 Kg. Per unit
  • Mastersound 300B Monoblock Plus

    Mastersound 300B Monoblock Plus at the CES 2012