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Mastersound Tube Amplifiers from Italy



Mastersound Compact 845 Integrated Amplifier


Haute Fidélité

May 2012


Awarded the distinction of Best Buy ! : Quality / Price: 6 out of 6 points. "This is built of high quality and seduces by music full of emotion, in part due to the valve design. The award also considers the design and manufacturing quality."


Audio Puls

Dec 2009


"It is a powerful amplifier with an open sound, very precise spatial explication and minimum coloration throughout the frequency range, and I was at times unbelieving that this is a totally tubular design. Its sound is light years away from Old school tube amps that once were celebrated by audiophile communities."



The Mastersound Compact 845 tube amplifier certainly deserves its award as a Best Buy product. This "smallest" 845 model from Mastersound holds up on its own against many other high-profile amplifiers, especially in the all-important midrange.


The Mastersound Compact 845 is not just another copy of a tube amplifier. A Mastersound amplifier is sonically unique in its own right. After all, they have been making transformers for a very long time, and the Mastersound Compact 845's heart, its transformer, is from the same high pedigree.


The Mastersound Compact 845 produces a rich, full-bodied sound, with excellent transparency and resolution in the midrange. Yes, there is a lot of detail present in the midrange, it doesn't just include voice, and these are presented by the Compact 845 superbly. Overall, a weighty presentation with beautiful dynamics, not the dull and flat sound which some mistake for lushness.  Some amplifiers may sound "lightweight" when played side by side with the Mastersound Compact 845.



Mastersound Compact 845

Mastersound Compact 845 with natural wood panels



Mastersound Compact 845

Mastersound Compact 845 with black wod panels



Mastersound Compact 845

Mastersound Compact 845 on demo



Mastersound Compact 845


Specifications :


  • Single Ended in Class "A"
  • Power: 2 x 30 Watts

  • Power tubes: 2 x 845
  • Pre-drivers tubes: 2 x ECC802 (12AU7)
  • Drivers tubes: 2 x 6SN7 GT (5692)

  • Input impedance: 50K OHM

  • Inputs: 3 x Line + 1 Direct (direct is for preamplifier, Compact 845 then becomes a power amplifier)

  • Output transformer: MASTERSOUND
  • Load impedance: 4 – 8 Ohm
  • Negative feedback: 0 dB

  • Volume: with remote control
  • Bandwidth: 8 Hz / 40 kHz – 0dB
  • Dimensions: 45 x 43 x 27 cm. (17,7 x 16,9 x 10,6 in)
  • Weight: 34 Kg. (74,9 lbs)