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Lecontoure Loudspeakers




Lecontoure Loudspeakers


LeContoure Loudspeakers, developed over a period of 7 years by Jean Christophe Crozel, who is also main man at Lavardin Technologies.


Lecontoure's sonic goals are :


   - the transparency of the best electrostatics

   - the soundstage of the best isodynamic panels

   - the physical response of the best loudspeakers

   - real bass that remains fluid and free

   - a sound that never tires the listener even at high volume levels for long periods


Lecontoure loudspeakers are sealed designs, and are very friendly in tight or difficult rooms. For the bigger Stabile 160 and Stabile 210 loudspeakers, tweeter and bass response are adjustable from dials behind the speakers. There are 3 positions for tweeter adjustment, and 2 for bass. These adjustments allow for optimized fine-tuned positioning of the loudspeakers.



Lecontoure Stabile 160 and Stabile 210

Lecontoure loudspeakers




Lecontoure Speaker Range










Lecontoure Mobile 160

Le Contoure Mobile 160



Lecontoure Stabile 160

Lecontoure Stabile 160



Lecontoure Stabile 210

Lecontoure Stabile 210



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