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Welcome to Lavardin Technologies, amplifiers that

"possess the ability to make almost every other amplifier sound cluttered and clumsy " - Roy Gregory (HiFi+)



Lavardin amplifiers have always been solid-state amplifier design benchmarks through the years for musicality first.


The current range of Lavardin products are truly superb and hard to surpass.  It is no surprise then that Lavardin had to really push the envelope, to stretch their boundaries even further in developing new models that are significantly better than the current range, musically speaking.


Introducing the new evolutionary higher end version of the Lavardin Model IT  ...


Lavardin IT-15

Limited Edition in celebration of Lavardin's 15th Anniversary


Lavardin IT-15

Lavardin IT-15


Lavardin Technologies Model IT 15


One of the best amplifiers in the world has just become even more significantly exceptional. 



  about the Lavardin IT-15



Lavardin Model C62 preamplifier and Model MAP moonoblocks at our client's place in special order red faceplate

Lavardin Technologies Model C62 in special order red finish

Lavardin Technologies Model MAP in special order red finish




The original Lavardin IT is still playing great music after 15 years, an still in production. It is destined to be a classic ...


Lavardin Technologies TAS Review

* Excerpt from TAS / Hifi+ Preamplifier/Amplifier Guide




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Lavardin Technologies Model MAP

Lavardin MAP Monoblocks



Lavardin Technologies


Lavardin factory

Lavardin Technologies Factory


"Our new revolutionary technologies have only one goal : musical enjoyment. After more than 12 years of research, Lavardin Technologies reached the consumer market in 1997 through our Model IT integrated amplifier. In 1998 we introduced the Model IS including our exclusive new design for an incredible value for money ratio."


"Nothing we make leaves the factory without undergoing a listening test, to ensure that it performs its most important function - to respect music."


That last phrase says it all - Lavardin Technologies amplifiers, truly world-class high-end audio equipment.


For those who value simplicity at its best, check out Lavardin's integrated amplifiers.


Unassuming to behold, but we confidently ask customers to compare against pre-power combinations costing a lot more.



Ignore the hype (although we recognize that they are well-founded), listen to even just the Lavardin integrated amplifiers, and misguided preconceived ideas that separate pre and power amps are always better will crumble and fall apart, even with pre/power combinations at higher prices. 


We have already proven this, against highly-regarded and more expensive pre-power combinations from other brands.


In this respect, the Lavardins are truly bargains, value for money amplifiers, as well as rare sonic phenomena in the hifi world.


Are pre-power configurations better than integrated amplifiers ? Check out our FAQ section.


A genuine marriage of tube and solid-state qualities.


Unfatiguing, unusually polished, absolutely tube-like - but not the unexciting or even brash type of tube sound. These integrated amplifiers can be very propulsive even with their low power, with first-rate bass definition and transparency. 


And we haven't even started talking about the pre and powers from Lavardin yet ...


Lavardin Technologies Model IT 15

Lavardin IT-15



Lavardin Technologies Amplifiers : Authentic Bargains




Truly among the best in the world pound for pound (regardless of price, or weight :-)), without spending serious money.


Even some of our equipment suppliers agree, and choose the Lavardins over their own countries' offerings for their own home use.


At their prices, Lavardins are still rated as serious bargains by reviewers.


Are you looking for an amplifier that is true to the music's rhythm and pace, the speed of the underlying pulse (the beat), yet with superb rendition of musical instruments' timbre ? 


A very rare combination, and the Lavardin amplifiers are among the very select few that deliver.


We have heard systems with cavernous soundstages and powerful drums, for example, yet ultimately lacklustre and boring when non-audiophile or more complex music is played, as well as lacking in the quality of the musical note (timbre), one of the fundamental aspects of music, and of high-quality high-fidelity stereo as well.


One can certainly pick out from hifi systems the acoustic guitar from the national steel guitar, or the snare drum from the kick drum. 


But the real difference is that Lavardins are one of the rare hifi that reveal the quality of the note very well. The Lavardins give justice to instruments, a Martin D-28 or Gibson J-200 guitar will not sound like just another acoustic guitar, or a Pearl or Ludwig drum set will not sound just like another drum set.



Lavardin Model IT

Lavardin Model IT


 Instead, these high quality instruments will be rendered with very high fidelity to their tone and associated subtleties, whether the music is heavy metal, jazz, classical, etc... and all delivered with the emotion intact. 


This is one aspect that separates Lavardin from the usual amplifier offerings, regardless of price.




Lavardin Technologies Amplifiers : The Choice of Jacques Mahul (JMLab speakers)



"Lavardin Technologies amplifiers were chosen by the JM Lab listening staff out of very well known high end amplifier brands (tube as well as solid state designs ... ) to drive the new UTOPIA speaker range and also the new Electra speaker range for the world introduction to the press and distributors : JAM98 (J.M. Lab international Meeting 1998).


This professional event took place in the marvelous castle of Saint Victor, near Saint Etienne, end of 1998.



Saint Etienne is the city where all the JM Lab speakers are manufactured."


Click to read more of the report ...


The sound was widely praised by all the 250 visitors coming from all over the planet. We are proud at Lavardin to have contributed to the success of the Utopia range.



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