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Lavardin Technologies IT-15 Integrated Amplifier


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Lavardin IT-15 Integrated Amplifier


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July, 2012

"There's little to criticise about Lavardin's IT-15 save for its price. It sounds like a valve amp but with more bass control, and it excels with voices and music genres that rely on every little detail being perceived, such as acoustic folk. Instead of focusing on the depth and width of the soundstage, this amp makes musicality its main aim and hits the mark dead on."


15 years of excellence, 15 years of legend.


Welcome to Lavardin Technologies, amplifiers that

"possess the ability to make almost every other amplifier sound cluttered and clumsy " - Roy Gregory (HiFi+)


Lavardin amplifiers have always been solid-state amplifier design benchmarks through the years for musicality first.


And one of the best amplifiers in the world has just become even more significantly exceptional. 


Introducing the new evolutionary higher end version of the Lavardin Model IT  ...


Lavardin IT-15 Integrated Amplifier

Limited Edition in celebration of Lavardin's 15th Anniversary


Sames specs as Model IT, but internally upgraded, with a red-orange faceplate..



Lavardin IT-15


Lavardin IT-15

Lavardin IT-15


Lavardin Technologies Model IT 15


"Our new technologies have only one goal : musical enjoyment. Our research to find out the dominant factors for the musicality of amplifiers allowed us to discover previously unknown non linear distortion which we called "memory distortion"(TM).


When the finest tube designs produce one tenth the amount of this newly revealed distortion, only our revolutionary components and circuitry knock it back - to one one-thousandth of what it was ... and this, anyone can hear.


Since the early days our Model IT integrated amplifier has been regarded by music lovers and international audio Press as the absolute World Reference amplifier for sheer musical enjoyment and transparency : a true Living Legend.


Then we introduced the Model IS and recently the Model IS Reference which include our exclusive new designs for an incredible value for money ratio.


Our technologies are also revolutionary when applied to interconecting cables, for sources as well as for loudspeakers.


For the 15th anniversary of our legendary Model IT, we have concentrated our latest research in an exclusive and rare refined version : the Lavardin Technologies IT-15. 




"Lavardin Technologies research starts where the others give up."




Lavardin IT-15 Specifications

* Lavardin IT-15 has same specs as Model IT, but with upgraded internal parts and technology and slightly lower wattage.




Technical Summary


Shared/Common Features

Low memory distortion circuits and components

High-quality relays strategically placed near the signal entry

Gold-plated contacts for minimum contact resistance and outstanding

long-term reliability

High Speed and low Memory Distortion, Solid State Circuits, Lavardin Technologies Design

Asymmetrical Inputs4 on gold plated high quality cinch connector (unbalanced, RCA)
Input Impedance10 Kohms
Input SensitivityNominal 0,330 V.
Line OutputFixed level for tape recorder 
Phono MM InputNo phono boards, external phono stage required
Input SelectionSealed Relays
Input Switching Contactsgold, silver, palladium alloy
Nominal Power2 x 47W RMS
Load ImpedanceNominal 8 Ohms
Output Current> 2 x 25 amps peak
Harmonic Distortion0,001% @ max output
Temporization5 seconds - waiting time after turning power on
DimensionsH 135 W 430 D 340 (mm)
FinishBlack anodised and painted non magnetic high-grade aluminum. Knobs only in silver.
Weight12 kg (25 lbs)
Power Consumption

45 watts idle ; 400 watts maximum