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Lavardin : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are pre-power configurations better than integrated amplifier configurations ?


Yes, usually, within the same brand.


Lavardin, however, takes pride in their integrated amplifiers. These were their first products, and were designed for utmost sound quality, unlike many other brands who build integrated amplifiers as a filler only to complete their product line. If their pre-power models were already mediocre, then one can imagine how sonically poor their integrated amplifiers are. 


Lavardin pre-power models, on the other hand, were built the other way around, with the excellent performance of their integrated as a reference, with the pre-power models built to further optimize performance. No fillers, all substance.


The Lavardin Model IT integrated amplifier is considered as the flagship, in a different sense.


While other companies refer to their flagship as the most expensive in their product line, Lavardin's Model IT is not the most expensive Lavardin model, but it serves as a statement for Lavardin's technology. 


We hope this clears some misconceptions on integrated amplifiers. Another example would be the integrated Kondo Ongaku, Kondo's most famous and popular model. Or a Naim Audio integrated surpassing other pre-power combinations from other brands. Worthy contenders all, and the Lavardin integrateds join their sparse ranks. So we can't blame those who have a hard time finding a great integrated, there are unfortunately only a few.



Are Lavardin Technologies amplifiers Class A designs ?


No, Lavardin Technologies find that Class A is a waste of energy, and have found other more efficient ways to attain the benefits of Class A designs.



Are Lavardin Technologies amplifiers going to have remote controls ?


Remote control is under research and development, with no estimated time of completion yet, as early prototypes have been rejected. Remote control does have its negative effects on sonics, and Lavardin Technologies will not compromise sound quality in exchange for convenience. 


This is in the tradition of the true purist camp, as advocated in other designs such as the super-expensive FM Acoustics preamplifiers, Audio Note Ongaku, Lamm, etc.



How long does it take to burn in a Lavardin Technologies amplifier ?


There is no need to burn in a Lavardin Technologies amplifier, and this is stated in the user manual.


A short warm up period is only required, probably 30 minutes, and we never turn it off, to keep it in a warm state.


Are there any cables to avoid ?


Yes, avoid high-capacitance flat ribbon speaker cables of the Goertz or Electrofluidic type as these can actually damage the sound of the amp, and in some cases its output stage. There are many other speaker cables to select from.


Results have been great with Nordost Valhalla, Lavardin Technologies Model CHR and CX speaker cables, Organic Audio cables, Absolute Fidelity, Argento cables



Do the integrated amplifiers run hot ?


No, they do not. The Model IS and IS Reference are only slightly warm to the touch.


The Model IT is even cooler, like touching someone's skin at normal temperature.



When will the Model PO Reference phono stage be available ?


The Model PO Reference phono stage has received rave reviews, but Lavardin believes it can still be improved further. 


It is now under revision, and there is no estimated time of completion yet.



Do the integrated amplifier models have phono stages ?


The Model IS and IS Reference are the only ones with enough space inside the box for an optional MM phono stage.


These built-in phono stages are excellent in their own right, and do not cost much.



Mains live polarity / red point.


Mains live polarity - that means pin of the IEC socket on the amplifier where the live is connected, makes a huge difference in the sound quality.


In order to simplify the set up of Lavardin amplifiers, a red point indicates the side of the IEC socket on the rear of the amplifier where the live should be connected. Check with a tester for best results.



When switching inputs on the Model IT amp, or Model Pre/62 preamp, there is a delay before the sound comes in. Is this normal ?


Yes, it is called temporization and takes about 5 seconds, before the inputs are ready.