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KAB Speedstrobe Turntable Speed Tester


KAB Turntable Speed Tester


Stereophile Recommended Component, 16 years !



The KAB SpeedStrobe was designed to replace and improve upon older strobe designs that depended on power line frequency.


We also wanted something that was easier to use and included the ability to actually measure small amounts of error. Not just a go - no - go - test.


The KAB SpeedStrobe features a quartz locked illuminator with 99.99% accuracy.


It works everywhere, being battery operated. No need for 50 or 60 Hz versions.


The Disc is silk screen printed on durable 20 mil PVC. Instead of hypnotic bars, the KAB SpeedStrobe features the actual speed numbers.


In use, the desired speed is read directly from the disc, no searching for the right band. Covers 16.66, 33.33, 45, 70.59 - 90 RPM.


By timing the drift of the display over one minute, accuracy can be measured to 0.03%




Many Hi End turntables today still use hysteresis synchronous motors which rely on the line frequency to achieve accurate rotation.


Using a conventional strobe to measure these turntables reveals a flaw: If the line frequency is low, the turntable will run slow, but so will the fluorescent light used to illuminate the strobe disc. Result: the strobe may show the correct speed, even though it is wrong! There is a definite need for an independent quartz crystal controlled illuminator.


The KAB SpeedStrobe is fully independent thereby eliminating major sources of error. And the large disc is very easy to read.




Measure Turntable Speed Often!


The really great features to take note of with the KAB SpeedStrobe is the ease of use and absolute accuracy.


The KAB SpeedStrobe is unique in 2 ways.


First, it does not rely on line frequency like other strobe discs. We have heard our share of stories that confirm what we have always suspected: line frequency variations are common. And if your turntable uses a hysteresis synchronous type motor, it will be susceptible to speed variations.

Second, conventional strobe discs use a series of hypnotic bars that "freeze" in motion when the turntable is at the correct speed. That's fine for a turntable that can adjust its speed.


But have you ever tried to time those marks so you can measure accuracy? It's nearly impossible. The KAB SpeedStrobe disc uses large easy to read numbers. It is very easy to time the drift of this display. This lets you measure fixed speed turntables and determine their accuracy.