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Da Vinci Audio Labs



Da Vinci Audio Labs


Da Vinci Audio Labs of Switzerland builds ultra high-end music reproduction devices for connoisseurs who demand the finest products available.

Da Vinci Audio products are the brainchild of Peter Brem, the head designer and developer who lets slip not only his ideas, but also his soul and heart into these devices.

In Peter's own words regarding Da Vinci Audio Labs high-end products :

"It is probably a similar comparison between a Leica and a Nikon (camera), or a mechanical chronograph and a Quartz watch. Needless to say, all my components are selected primarily for their high performance and quality, not by their datasheets or prices -- all are verified by endless hours of listening, listening and listening again."

"I insist on the highest requirements regarding the quality of components ..."

Words spoken like a true Swiss craftsman ...


Da Vinci Nifty Preamplfier
Da Vinci Audio Virtu Preamp Rear



Da Vinci Audio Labs : Contents


Da Vinci Audio : Philosophy


Da Vinci Audio Analog :


Da Vinci Audio Phono Stage / Transformer :

  • Da Vinci Audio Nifty Transformer

  • Da Vinci Audio Virtu Phono Stage


Da Vinci Audio Preamplifiers :

  • Da Vinci Audio Nifty preamplifier

  • Da Vinci Audio Virtu preamplifier


Da Vinci Audio Power Amplifiers :

  • Da Vinci Audio Nifty power amplifier

  • Da Vinci Audio Virtu power amplifier



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Da Vinci Audio Product Reviews


Da Vinci Audio Virtu Tonearm

Da Vinci Audio Virtu Tonearm




Da Vinci Audio Labs : Philosophy

Da Vinci Audio amplifiers, turntables, tonearms are for:

  • Connoisseurs and music-lovers who are looking for the highest standards of accuracy in music reproduction.

  • People who appreciate extraordinary quality and service.

  • Our devices are designed without any cost constraints. Fanatic attention to detail, cost no object.

  • Unconventional circuit design separates us from the mainstream.


 AAS Gabriel Model 3 Monument

Da Vinci Audio AAS Gabriel Monument turntable in Ferrari Red




"Reproduction of music is totally different from production of music. It's impossible to reproduce live music at home through a hifi system, so we must look for aspects common to production and reproduction.


In other words, we must choose what we want from a reproduction. We can't talk about reproduction reality, but we can talk about authenticity and how to reach it. I think the only common aspect between reproduced and live music is Emotion.



It is in my opinion, the only thing that really matters. Emotion may be totally different from person to person. If you feel the emotion, then and only then are you listening to Music !"


Peter Brem (Da Vinci Audio head designer) and Team





Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm

Da Vinci Audio Grandezza Grand Tonearm

classic tonearm, no longer in production, replaced by Virtu tonearm




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