Astra Suite / Soundscape Client System Albums

An album gallery of our clients' systems and their audio/home theater rooms

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Last additions - HTL System : Oct 2010
Audolici Swing I-50 amplifier with 6550, 6H1N-EB, 6H2N valves1078 viewsDec 18, 2010
Living Voice Avatar 2 - left961 viewsDec 09, 2010
Living Voice Avatar 2 - right1011 viewsDec 09, 2010
Audolici Swing I-50 integrated amplifier; Living Voice Avatar; Audolici Swing I-50 integrated amplifier; Densen1189 viewsDec 09, 2010
Audolici Swing I-50 integrated amplifier with Svetlana Winged-C 6550 valves and Densen Beat B-410 CD player1390 viewsDec 09, 2010
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