Astra Suite / Soundscape Client System Albums

An album gallery of our clients' systems and their audio/home theater rooms

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JOE System : Apr 2006

System Configuration - Apr 2006

Preamplifier  VTL TL-2.5

VTL MB-125 Monoblocks  (125 watts)


Living Voice Auditorium

CD Player

Gamut CD1R


Sound Improvement Disc (SID)

Turntable Rega P3
Music Genre Pop, Rock, Classical


Joe's system was the very first customer photo years ago on this section.  Joe has moved to a new house, and below is a new photo of his system. 


What has changed ?  Nothing,  except the room.  And Joe is enjoying his system even more these days.


Living Voice Auditorium 380 views
Living Voice Auditorium 336 views
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