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Jonl System : Dec 2005

System Configuration - Dec 2005


Scheu Premier MK3 turntable - 80mm platter, black


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat

KAB Speedstrobe

Tonearm - Main - Right side

Scheu Classic MK2 tonearm - 12" version, with Scheu wiring

Phono Cartridge - Main

Jan Allaerts MC1B

Tonearm - Secondary - Left side

Scheu Classic MK2 10" version


(awaiting arrival of his Schroder Model 2 tonearm)

Phono Cartridge - Secondary

Rega Elys


(to be replaced with The Cartridge Man Music Maker MK3 cartridge)

Phono Stage EAR 324
CD player/transport / DAC Electrocompaniet CD player (photos still show previous Philips SACD player/ Benchmark DAC1)
Loudspeakers Kharma Ceramique 3.2FE
Preamplifier Leben RS28C 
Amplifier Gryphon Callisto 2100 for now
Room Treatment

Eighth Nerve (black) - 4 Corners, 2 Seams at wall-wall intersection behind speakers, 1 seam at ceiling wall intersection behind listening position.  2 Corners at bottom corners behind speakers.


Onix Diffusors

HiFi Rack Hutter Racktime Basic racks  (more arriving)
Power Conditioner Hydra 6
Cables Goertz speaker cables, Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnect, Shunyata Copperhead, Shunyata DiamondBack, Purist Audio Design Museaus
Others SID CD mat
Music Genre Most, except heavy metal


After setting up the Scheu Premier MK3 turntable and listening, this is the best Kharma-based system we've heard so far to date.  We now understand more what these S$30k speakers are about.  We added in moderate treatment from Eighth Nerve to  dial in on the acoustics, and in an instant, voila, the echoes of the rather bare small room are fixed, with sonics now having much better bass definition, coherence, and balance.  All in the right amount, with the room still retaining a lively sound and the vitality in the music, without the major room pressure zone issues.



The introduction of the Leben RS28C preamplifier brought in the desirable qualities of tube sound, blending well with the solid state power amplifier.  A very good built-in MM phono stage completes the picture.


On the reissue LP Janos Starker "Suites for Unaccompanied Cello Complete", a magnificent reissue album, the system presented the cello sound superbly, sonically and emotionally.  The strings were great on this system, with first-rate highs, and the cartridge hasn't even burned in yet, as well as the speakers.  The soundscape was expansive as well, with imaging size in the right proportions.  On Ray Brown's "Soular Energy" reissue by Pure Audiophile, dynamics and transients were rendered well and with excellent bass definition, just as we know they should be from this excellent album.  The bass was allowed by mastering engineer Stan Ricker to run with less restraint compared to the more EQ'ed original.  The pairing of Stan Ricker, also a bassist, with Ray Brown was intentional  - a treat to vinylphiles only, not on CD, not on SACD.    Both LPs can be heard at our showroom if interested, not for sale however.


On to Holly Cole, Steely Dan, Jennifer Warnes  ... JL will surely have longer nights listening now :)


The system289 views
Kharma speakers279 views
The rack280 views
Leben RS28C preamp with power supply289 views
Leben RS28C preamp 285 views
Leben RS28C preamp273 views
Scheu Premier MK3 turntable front283 views
Jan Allaerts MC1B on Scheu Classic 12-inch tonearm281 views
Scheu Premier MK3 with two tonearms263 views
Scheu Classic MK2 12-inch tonearm264 views
Jan Allaerts MC1B268 views
Scheu Classic MK2 10-inch tonearm259 views
Eighth Nerve on the corner277 views
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