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YSL System : Sept 2012


A wonderful system initially, and now significantly upgraded with the arrival of the Neodio NR22 CD player, a truly super CD player, and the Neodio NR1200 Signature V2 amplifier. The Neodios bring higher resolution, yet with a more natural sound, just like a great analog system should.


The Neodio NR1200 Signature V2 is a special version ordered with Unity Gain for home theater bypass, allowing it to be used as power amplifier for the home theater system.


Shakes the foundation … as AC/DC would have described it.


System Configuration - Sept 2012

CD Player

Neodio NR22


Neodio NR1200 Signature V2 Amplifier


´╗┐Estelon XA


Kondo, Argento


Coherence Audio



The System170 views
Neodio NR22 CD Player and Neodio NR1200 Signature V2 amplifier152 views
Neodio NR22 CD Player and Neodio NR1200 Signature V2 amplifier160 views
The System, a closer view160 views
The System162 views
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