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HBH Singapore System : Feb 2013


HBH’s Singapore System (Feb 2013) with Kondo, Feastrex, Micro-seiki, and BOX rack supporting the heavyweight system.


Some earlier system components are left behind in home country, and Kondo equipment previously supplied by us are back in Singapore.



Instead of photos, click or tap on the image below to watch a video of the system at YouTube. You can change the video resolution if you have a slower internet connection.


HBH Singapore System : Feb 2013 : Video


System Configuration - Feb 2013


Kondo KSL-Ongaku


Kondo KSL-M77

Phono Stage

Kondo KSL-M7


Kondo KSL-SFz

Phono Cartridge

Kondo IO-M


Micro-Seiki SX 8000


Feastrex NF5-EX PIP with Chris Witmer upgrade in maple veneer, piano clear gloss lacquer


Custom-made BOX rack in maple



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