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FL System : Oct 2005

System Configuration - Oct  2005


Scheu Cello turntable, clear, with record weight


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat

KAB Speedstrobe

Tonearm Scheu Cantus tonearm - clear, 10" version
Phono Cartridge

Denon 103-R

Phono Stage Dynavector P-75
CD player Marantz CD-67SE modified by Diva Audio
Loudspeakers Living Voice Auditorium MK2 loudspeakers - cherry finish


Soundcare Superspikes (thread size M8) to protect floor from sharp spikes.

Amplifier Lavardin Technologies Model IT
Rack Hutter Basic - 3 tier, satin black
Room Treatment Eighth Nerve

Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cables, bi-wire

Zu Wax interconnects

Music Genre Jazz, pop, rock


The speakers have been repositioned from the long wall to the short wall in this current system configuration.


We are glad that they liked the introduction of the Lavardin Technologies Model IT into the system (and of course, the new Hutter Basic racks play a part too).  In our opinion, there are many significant improvements that made the system reach several new higher levels of performance, but let's look instead at their appraisal rather than ours.


In their own assessment, they have found that instruments now sound very distinct and clear, with much more detail now being revealed from familiar recordings, and with more lifelike vocals, more natural timbre of instruments ...


But what bowled us over is that they were able to catch the higher level presentation of microdynamics, where they can now recognize variations in pitch by a vocalist, whereas in the older system, the pitch sounded the same throughout the song.  Good ears ! These variations were intended by musicians, and is essential to be reproduced well in systems to heighten appreciation of the emotional meaning of a performance.


Another significant improvement, without any additional room treatment, is the elimination of boom on certain recordings.  Now, FL can confidently play Ray Brown's "Soular Energy" Stan Ricker-reissue LP, the bane of many systems it seems :), where some users have taken the easy way out by conveniently blaming the LP for their problems.


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