Astra Suite / Soundscape Client System Albums

An album gallery of our clients' systems and their audio/home theater rooms

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Da Vinci AAS Gabriel Limited Edition Aston Martin Black with Da Vinci Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm

This is the Limited Edition Aston Martin Black AAS Gabriel turntable.

Pictures don't give it justice, it is a strikingly huge turntable when one sees it in person or is next to it. But it's also the AAS Gabriel's size that adds to its charm and allure.

And once heard, absolute analog.

hong-20101223-0133~0.jpg hong-20101223-0119~0.jpg hong-20101223-0109~0.jpg hong-20101223-0085~0.jpg hong-20101223-0083~0.jpg hong-20101223-0075~0.jpg hong-20101223-0067b.jpg