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Aurorasound VIDA Vinyl Disk Amplifier - Phono Stage, Aurora Sound





Aurorasound VIDA Phono Stage (VIDA stands for Vinyl Disk Amplifier)



- HiFi News May 2013 - Highly Commended

- Best Buy and Critics Applause Award by "Stereo Sound" magazine winter 2012

- Technology of the Year 2012 Award by "MJ Musen-to-Jikken" magazine Dec. 2012

- Analog Grand Prix 2013 Award by "analog" magazine winter 2012

- Audio Excellence 2013 Award by "Audio Accessory" magazine winter 2012


An excerpt from the Aurorasound VIDA phono stage review by Kohji Yamamoto, Stereo Sound Japan (Fall 2012):


"...stunning three-dimensional, excellent depth - it makes each tone fuller and richer... It produced not only tight drums and bass but also a massive scale and spectrum which you could almost feel vividly with your hands... I was impressed with the spatial dimension in which vocals and chorus harmonized together. The realistic illustration of percussion was also astonishingly impressive. I fell in love with this phono stage amplifier immediately, I personally recommend the VIDA to those who would like to seriously indulge in analog playback."



Once again, we bring you another revolutionary analog product from Japan, Aurorasound’s VIDA phono stage. Still discovering breakthroughs in analog playback through the integration of both new and conventional technology, Aurorasound presents the world’s first phono stage utilizing state of the art semiconductor technology LCR-type network.


Aurorasound VIDA



Designed And Made In Japan


Aurorasound Vida Phono Stage Awards  


Aurorasound is a company from Yokohama, Japan. Designer and director Shinobu Karaki has 28 years experience working for Texas Instruments Japan Inc. He is also a music teacher, a passionate musician, and an audiophile first grade for many years. His trained ears, his love for music, and extensive know-how in electronics and integrated circuits makes Mr. Karaki the ideal person to design state-of-art high-end audio devices.



Aurorasound Vida Phono Stage



Aurorasound VIDA Features :


Compatible with MC and MM type cartridges - optional to have 2 MC instead


High/Low Impedance Selector switch is provided. Optional choice of 6 input impedance values instead


RCA Connectors - optional to replace with XLR connectors


Adopted LCR type RIAA device – Unlike conventional NF & CR type for RIAA curve, VIDA uses L (coil) to generate precise RIAA curve, resulting in a much more fulfilling midrange. With use of the latest semiconductor devices and discrete amplifier circuit, it achieves a complete DC circuit design. As a result, capacitors in the signal path were completely eliminated. This results in higher resolution in the low frequencies and significantly reduced distortion, and enables you to enjoy even vivid music hall atmospheres coupled with the players’ positioning on the stage.


A large-size MUTE switch together with other functions are aligned in the front panel for improved man-machine interface for a user-friendly operation.


High Signal-to-Noise Ratio was achieved with the use of an external power supply unit having extremely stable and super low-noise and high–speed circuits.


Aurorasound VIDA Phono Stage - Monoblock Version


Mr. Shinobu Karaki, Aurorasound's chief designer, offers a very unique product, a monoblock phono stage. The VIDA monoblock phono stage was initially developed as requested by famous veteran audio writer and vinyl enthusiast Mr.Isashi Tanaka for his own use. With the monoblock version, the VIDA phono stage is sonically optimized even further.


Mr. Tanaka ordered a full spec monoblock VIDA, two chassis, and in/out were all both XLR + RCA. 8 position MC impedance and three position MM Impedance. There are 2 output as Mr. Tanaka is using the phono stage for two systems in two different rooms. An article about his special VIDA will appear soon in Japan's premier audio magazine, "Stereo".


The monoblock version is available now to the public from a standard configuration for those who don't need all the options, right up to the full spec as used by Mr. Tanaka.


Aurorasound VIDA Monoblock Phono Stage

Mr. Tanaka's VIDA monoblocks, rear view (click or tap to enlarge)




More information (click or tap photos below to enlarge) :


Aurorasound VIDA Phono Stage Options Vida Brochure Page 1 Vida Brochure Page 2 VIDA Phono Stage Options





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