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Audia Flight FL Two Integrated Amplifier


Audia from Italy




Audia Flight FL Two Integrated Amplifier



"Now, after several months with the Two, I know what I was missing: It brought music alive in my room in a way that moved me. And that’s perhaps the highest compliment I can pay it. The Audia Flight Two is a great performer at a fair price, and one that I could enjoy listening to for a long, long time.

- Randall Smith, Soundstage, Feb 2011


Audia Flight Two

Audia FL Two Integrated Amplifier



Audia FL Two Integrated Amplifier


Top model of Audia's integrated amplifier range, the Audia Flight Two integrated amplifier is a combination of Audia Flight’s superb design of the preamp and power amplifier in one chassis.


The Audia Flight Two offers all of the sonic benefits of the Audia Flight separates in one space saving cabinet with an optimal internal interface and a reduced need for interconnects.


Two 100Wrms high bias amplifiers with 520VA toroidal transformer, dual mono design, the current feedback and preamp section employs an input buffer for a stunning sonic picture and a truly high-end system.



"The setup menu can be used to adjust the gain, in 12 steps of 1dB each, to match different sources’ output levels.


Also adjustable is the phase of different source components, and the inputs can be edited: you can change the readout of, say, Input 1 to the source component’s name connected to Input 1.


Finally, there’s a feature that’s a must for me: Bypass. With this I can connect my home-theater receiver to the Two to use only the latter’s power-amp section while bypassing its preamp section. The volume is then controlled by the receiver.


The Two has two 100W RMS high-bias amplifiers and a pair of large 520VA toroidal transformers, the latter accounting for much of the unit’s considerable mass. Having two transformers, in this case, means that the Two is a dual-mono design." - Soundstage, Feb 11 review

Audia FL Two Technical Data / Specifications


Output power W rms 8/4 ohm 100/180

Amplifier stage gain 26 dB

Frequency response (1W rms -3dB) 3 Hz ÷ 500 KHz

Slew-Rate (on 8 ohm) > 180 V/μS

THD < 0,05 %
S/N Ratio 95 dB

Input impedance 680pF Unbalanced 51 Kohm
Balanced 23 Kohm

Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V
Power consumption 100 W, 570 W MAX
Dimensions and weight 420x113x440mm (wxhxd) - 19 Kg
Shipping dimensions and weight 570x270x540mm (wxhxd) - 22 Kg


Audia FL Two Integrated Amplifier

Audia FL Two Integrated Amplifier