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Audia Flight FL Three Integrated Amplifier


Audia from Italy




Audia Flight FL Three Integrated Amplifier

Blue Moon Award for

Musicality & user flexibility in the <$4,000 integrated amplifier category

"Subtle, fluid, elegant and delicate, the FL Three presented music with finesse and relaxed ease. But more importantly, I simply enjoyed listening to it ...


The Italians did a terrific job befuddling this tube lover. If you had told me a year ago that a mere solid-state amp could seduce me, I’d have said you were nuts. Would I buy this amp? You betcha. I could certainly enjoy listening to music for the long haul over this superbly built integrated amp from Audio Flight. If I were still looking for an integrated amplifier, I would have bought this review loaner without any hesitation. Molto buono! Viva Italia!'

- Paul Candy,



"After several weeks of listening, I can report that the FL3's most notable attribute is it's total lack of harshness or glare from the mid band to the upper octaves. Lesser 75 watt solid state integrateds tend to sound stiff and bland from the mid to high frequencies. Music may pulse along at a good pace but fail to engage the discriminating listener. In contrast, the Audia Flight FL3 paints musical pictures with virtuosic brushstrokes worthy of a great Italian masterpiece.


So far I have described the Audia Flight FL3 as a well designed integrated with a balanced tonality and excellent manner with beats and notes. Instrumental and vocal timbres are rendered faithfully as possible given the sources I had available. All in all, the FL3 is to Audia Flight's model line as an F430 is to Ferrari's model line. They are both entry level but very high performing and functional works of art. The Audia Flight FL3 is a welcome addition to the short list of esteemed medium powered European integrateds. Bravo Audia Flight!

- Victor Chavira, Positive Feedback


Audia FL Three Integrated Amplifier

Audia FL Three Integrated Amplifier



Audia FL Three Integrated Amplifier


After achieving a lot of experience in designing high-end equipment, Audia Flight is proud to introduce the Flight Three integrated amplifier. It’s an incredible component, where every small detail is carefully thought out for the discriminating high-end audio enthusiast, and yet, offering exceptionally good value.


With the optional USB 24bit 192KHz DAC board converter and the optional MC / MM phono board, the Audia Flight Three is an investment for years!


The headphone output will give you the chance to listen your music with your headphones ! The 15mm front panel, the knob, the feet and the remote control are masterpieces crafted from solid aluminium. The input selector allows the user to choose among four unbalanced and one balanced input(s), featuring sealed relays in inert atmosphere and gold terminations.


The logic control, with an independent toroidal transformer, as in our philosophy, is independent from the analogue section and connected by photo-couplers only.


A by-pass feature, selectable by remote control, allows the user to turn the Flight Three into a power amplifier through a specified input. You may include the amplifier in a multi-channel system as front speakers power amplifier, while using the same speakers for two channel listening with stereo sources connected to the amplifier.


Rec input, Monitor and Preamp output achieve the full flexibility for this Hi-End integrated amplifier.


Two 75Wrms amplifiers with 400VA toroidal transformer, dual mono design, current feedback and sophisticated preamp section allow the stunning sonic picture of a truly high-end system, with a deep and incredible bass control.


Eight stabilized power supplies give energy to all stages until the driver and four hi-current power supply (72000µF) for the output stages only and 13200uF total capacitors for the stabilized power supply to supply the gain stage until driver transistor.


A large display will inform you about the input choice and the main sets as you select them.


More, the ALPS blue potentiometer, mute function with memory, aluminium remote control with full control, Audia link and the optional, internal MC / MM phono board and internal USB 24bit 192KHz DAC board converter are only few characteristics of this amazing Hi End integrated amplifier 100% made in Italy.

Audia FL Three Technical Data / Specifications


Output power Wrms 8 / 4 ohm 75W / 125

Amplifier stage gain 26dB

Frequency response (1Wrsm, -3db) 1Hz - 450KHz
Slew Rate (on 8 ohm) >80V/µS
THD <0,05%
S/N ratio >95dB
Unbalanced input impedance 51Kohm, 150pF
Balanced input impedance 30Kohm

Stand-by consumption less than 1W
Maximum consumption 400W

Dimensions and weight 420x90x420 (W x H x D), 12Kg
Shipping dimensions and weight 530x240x530 (W x H x D), 15Kg


INPUTS and OUTPUTS: 4 unbalanced input, 1 balance input, 1 monitor input, a possibility to have one input as a “direct”, 1 pre output, 1 rec output, 1 output for headphone



phono MC-MM
USB 24bit 192KHz DAC


The USB input has insulated by ADuM (analog devices) to prevent any noise from the PC.

When the USB is used together with a player application such as FooBar or WinAmp (available for free on Internet), you can transfer stream music files to internal converter at 192kHz/24bits maximum frequency/resolution, avoiding undesired PC or MAC audio mixer data processing during the data transfer from hard disk to interface.


Audia FL Three - rear view

Audia FL Three Integrated Amplifier