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Audia Flight FL CD One M CD Player


Audia from Italy




Audia Flight FL CD One M CD Player



"I want to repeat what I said in the preview of this review in May.  The CD-One illuminates the whole frequency range. It is very, very detailed, but after warm up it’s not hyper/razor sharp, just wonderfully clear and fast."


"The imaging is pinpoint and very palpable.  This is the kind of soundstage that most audiophiles dream of."


"It has powerful drive and the dynamics will make you sit up and listen.  Elvis’ voice is right there in the room and the presence factor is unbelievable."


"I want to finish by saying this is one of the best digital players I have ever heard. There seems to be a few digital players under 10K now that don’t scream out “I’m digital”, and instead let you enjoy music. This is good news, and the rest of the good news is that the Audia Flight CD-One is one of them. If you are in the market for a digital source between $5k and $10k, you should listen to it. Recommended."


- Jack Roberts, - review of Audia Flight CD-One, previous version without USB and SPDIF inputs


Audia flight CD One M

Audia Flight CD One M



Audia FL CD One M CD Player


The Audia Flight CD One M is the top model in the Audia line of CD players, a reference compact disc player that will bring a new sense of realism to your CD collection.


Incorporating an innovative engineering design, utilizing the highest quality parts and featuring an elegant yet modern style teamed with rock solid construction, the Audia Flight CD One M presents a captivating sonic picture of the original performance.


The super rigid chassis, Philips Pro-2 cast metal transport, 24 bit/192KHz upsampling converter and the ultra precision temperature compensated reference clock permits maximum data retrieval with a completely non-fatiguing sound.


The three separate toroidal transformers and the Class A full balanced analog output sections with discrete components result in maximum dynamic range.


The Audia Flight CD One M is an investment for the future. It has two digital inputs, one SPDIF and one USB, both 24 bit 192 KHz, insulated.


The USB input has insulated by ADuM (analog devices) to prevent any noise from the PC.

When the USB is used together with a player application such as FooBar or WinAmp (available for free on Internet), you can transfer stream music files to an internal converter at 192kHz/24bits maximum frequency/resolution, avoiding undesired PC or MAC audio mixer data processing during the data transfer from hard disk to interface.

Audia FL CD One M Technical Data / Specifications


Frequency response 0.5 Hz ÷ 20 KHz ± 0.1dB
Upsampling 192 KHz
Dynamic Range 122 dB

THD + Noise > -100 dB

Maximum output voltage 2.5 Vrms

Output impedance 600 ohm
Input sampling rates 32 – 192 KHz
Resolution rates 16 – 24 bit

Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V
Power consumption 70 W
Dimensions and weight 420x113x380mm (wxhxd) - 15 Kg
Shipping dimensions and weight 570x270x540mm (wxhxd) - 18 Kg


Audia FL CD One M rear view

Audia FL CD One M - rear view


Music Streaming to Audia flight CD One M

Music Streaming to Audia Flight CD One M