Dec 132013

Absolare TAS Review


Robert Harley reviews the Absolare Passion preamplifier and power amplifiers.
Below are some excerpts from The Absolute Sound magazine review.


Absolare TAS Review

“In a nutshell, Absolare’s approach is to assemble an international vendors around the world, pursue absolute minimalism in the signal path, exploit synergies between components, wrap all this up in lavishly made and easy-to-use designs, and provide a level of customer service commensurate with that of the world’s finest luxury brands.”
But it was listening to the Magico Q7 driven by the Passion preamplifier and Passion 845 power amplifier for the past four months that convinced me that these Absolare products are some of the most musical and involving electronics I’ve heard. The Q7 has a sensitivity of 94dB and is fairly easy to drive—a perfect match for the amplifier’s 52W. In fact, I never felt as though I encountered the amplifier’s output or dynamic limitations; the system plays cleanly at any volume level, and handles dynamic swings with aplomb … Judging from the bass control, bottom-end extension, and dynamics, you wouldn’t think that you were listening to an sET design.

  Absolare TAS Review (pdf format)

* You can also read the full article from below

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