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Argento Audio Cables


"The Serenity cables are beautifully built, very well designed, and easy to work with. On top of that they provide a high degree of resolution while still being quite neutral in tonal balance. The speaker cables in particular don’t appear to add any high-frequency hash or deep bass bloat and the midrange is as musically realistic as I have heard. The power cords also impressed me greatly with their ability to get the most out of my amplification. But my favorite cables were the interconnect cables which carved out a level of detail that was simply incredible.


The Argento cables are not inexpensive by any stretch but considering their level of performance, they can easily be called a bargain. There’s just one other thing that they can be called … my new reference." - Stereo Times


Argento Audio Serenity and Flow

Argento Audio Cables

Some of the best musical silver cables in the world for the very best high-end audio setups, really
no need for introduction on their sonic performance as well as build.


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Argento Audio Flow


Flow [noun]

(from the works of Mihaly Csikszentmihayli)


Being fully immersed, with a feeling of energized focus and full involvement.

Free of restraints, an effortlessness of action, imparting an intrinsically rewarding experience and a total oneness with the activity at hand, resulting in a state of happiness and harmony.


A Flow of Innovations

Absolutely no off-the-shelf solutions. Everything is custom made for the Flow™ cables.



Argento Audio Product Line:




Argento Audio : Serenity

Over the years, the Serenity line of cables has made Argento Audio reputation among the audiophile community ghota: uncompromising technical quality, unchallenged sound performance.


The brand new Serenity Signature cable from Argento is the beginning for Argento but the performance achieved in this line is still clearly higher than virtually all competing cables at any price point.


The conductors are made of the purest silver featuring a quasi ribbon geometry, but have no edges resulting in a close to hyper-elliptic shape.


One of these conductors is used for each polarity in the interconnector and several for each polarity in the speaker cables.


The dielectric/vibration damper is the proprietary new Argento Audio VDM™ (Vibration Damping Materia), drastically removing any usual dielectric ill effects, along with an optimized vibration control.


All conductive parts are cryo treated with liquid nitrogen.


All connectors are designed and made by Argento Audio (see features on page 7).


Handcrafted in Denmark with custom-made parts only.


Available in RCA, XLR and Speaker cables.





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Argento Audio Serenity Signature XLR


Argento Audio : Serenity Power Cord

The Serenity Connectors

A proprietary design.


In today’s market even very expensive cables with conductors made of silver or exotic materials are manufactured using connectors with contacts made of everything from brass to copper. This is of course a compromise since the logical step is to use the same material for the connectors.


Because we refused to make such a compromise and aimed at the best quality, we at Argento Audio decided to take the most efficient yet toughest approach by developing our own connectors, with contacts made of the same pure silver as we use for our signal conductors.


Futhermore, producing connectors to our own set of requirements confers otherwise impossible advantages such as free choice of dielectric, optimization of contact pressure, complete control of the material used, and a lot more.


The main features of Serenity connectors are:

• Designed from A to Z by Argento Audio.
• Pure silver contacts made of the same type of silver as the conductors.
• Patent pending contact pressure enhancing system.
• No solder used for joining conductors and contacts.
• Teflon dielectric superior to the commonly found plastic parts.
• One-piece aluminum housing.
• Set screw strain relief.


Overall, the Serenity connectors embark an array of original and controlled solutions ensuring the best fit and finish for the final product thanks to custom parts adjustement for a matchless musical performance.





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Argento Serenity connectors



Argento Serenity Signature RCA

Argento Serenity Signature RCA


Argento Audio Serenity box


Argento Audio Serenity speaker cables



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Argento Audio : THE FLOW

Where Technology Meets Art.


Designing the best audio cable ever made using not a single off-the-shelf solution is not a minor undertaking. It took Argento Audio more than three years of dedicated reasearch and development to achieve the Flow line.


The considerable number of unique features can only be overviewed:

Beside their purest silver formula, their optimized geometry and crystal structure, the Flow conductors are extremely small. Used in large numbers of strictly equal length, this unyielding approach allows for increased energy and precision yet requires the utmost quality in workmanship.


Our specific conductor polishing process removes any sort of tarnish on the surface of the conductors.


All Flow conductive parts are cryo treated with liquid nitrogen in two complete cycles over several days.


The new generation of VDMTM dielectric critically reduces microphonics and completely removes the “traditional” hyper hifi sound that usual dielectrics creates in audio cables.


New proprietary connectors designed from scratch and made by Argento Audio...

Each one-meter pair of Flow interconnects contains no less than 25 custom designed, custom made individual parts.


Extremely flexible design ensures no strain on equipment connectors nor on the cable itself during regular use in the audio system.


The Flow line is available in RCA, XLR, and Speaker Cable.





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Argento Audio The Flow





Argento Flow Master Reference


“a state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing, overwhelmed by a feeling of energized focus and utter involvement.


Intrinsically rewarding, with an effortlessness of action and a direct, immediate feedback along with a merging of action and awareness, allowing to focus and to delve deeply into the moment.”


(from the words of Mihály Csikszentmihályi)


Argento Flow Interconnect


Argento Flow Interconnect


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Argento Audio : The FLOW Master Reference

Perfection, further.


Featuring all the breakthroughs of the Flow and taking them another step further, the Flow Master Reference is the Argento Audio masterpiece.


In many respects as well as the overall design readily shows, the top-of-the-line Flow Master Reference is several times what the Flow is.


Based on its smaller sibling outstanding realization, the Flow Master Reference unique macro design of separate runs allows for an even higher degree of unmatched technical and functional features.
• Three-time as many conductors strands than in the Flow.

• The conductors polishing is now a triple process.

• Each polarity is travelling in its own completely separate cable with VDM™

• The incorporation of separator spacers maximizes anti-vibration performance and outside disturbances sensitivity.


• Annealed parts for even improved contact and reduced resistance.


• Each one-meter pair of Flow Master Reference interconnects contains no less than 70 custom designed, custom made individual parts.


Greater stability, increased insulation, less interaction, every single detail has been maximized to make to Flow Master Reference the ultimate benchmark in terms of high-end audio cable performance.


“The best audio cable you can buy?”


WIth the Flow Master Reference, what once was a bold statement is now a mere statement of fact.





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Argento FLOW Master Reference



Argento Audio : FLOW™ Power Cord

Argento FLOW power cord

Argento FLOW™ Power Cord




The power of perfection.


Power is paramount.


"Never underestimate the relevance of the power flow ..." told us once by a famous multi Gramophone Award winning sound engineer. "The uttermost task of a hi-fi system is to transpose 50, or 60Hz, into music."


Flow™, the power of perfection.

With the new Flow™ and Flow™ Master Reference powercords, we at Argento Audio meet our ultimate goal of providing your system with an unhindered supply of power, and let you experience the unsurpassable feel of perfection.


Power is paramount.

• Absolutely no off-the-shelf solutions. Everything is custom made for the Flow™ cables


• Extreme attention to resonance control.
> Dual layer connector casing combining a machined aluminium shell with a solid Machine internal polymer joined with damping none-drying glue.

> Argento VDM (Vibration Damping Material) injected into the cable under high pressure and vacuum.

• Special elliptic Two-way tubing allowing very good flexibility and lower weight compared to a circular tube of the same material and internal geometry. The material chosen for the tubing is extremely none resonate and are VERY heat tolerant (high safety).

• Unshielded design for the hot and the neutral conductors as all other Argento cables.

• Shielded grounding to provide better performance with products outputting significant noise to ground (switch mode power supplies and digital products).

• All components are cryo-treated through an elaborate custom 48 hour three-stage cycle.

• Modified god/palladium plated connectors with very high surface quality to ensure perfect interface with the wall sockets and the IEC connector on the equipment.

• Extremely large total cross-section conferring an added sense of speed, tightness, and coherence.



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Argento Audio : FLOW™ Master Reference Power Cord


Argento VDM™

Argento Flow Master Reference RCA

Argento Flow Master Reference RCA


The anti-vibration extreme solution from Argento Audio.

Today, virtually all cables use some kind of polymer for insulation purposes because it is very cheap and there is a general belief that as long as the dielectric constant is low everything is good. Of course there is some truth -but just some- since air does sound better than Teflon and Teflon does sound better than PVC.



-short For Vibration Damping Material- is the Argento answer to address two well known yet insufficently covered problems in cable design

• How should a cable be insulated to avoid shorts and corrosion?
• How one avoids that small air and structural born vibrations affect the cables' performance ?


During our long years of exploration in various solutions we found that all polymer dielectrics share the same sort of characteristic sound with more or less slightly raised highs and a slight thinness in the midrange. This could to some degree be relieved with choosing copper instead of silver and thicker conductors but both these “cures” decrease the sound quality in several other ways making the sound heavy, closed-in and a lot less dynamic.


The conclusion is that none of the usual “solutions”, plastic, air, teflon , composite materials, etc. was a correct answer to the problem, either because simply inoperant or by creating other issues when removing the problems caused by the vibrations.


Further we concluded that the artifacts usually heard in the high frequencies with polymer and air insulated cables were caused both by vibrations and the use of polymers.


The result of this search is a proprietary compound of mixed materials presenting unique elasticity and damping characteristics at room temperature as well as optimal dielectric properties.


Finding an efficient way to apply the VDM™ proved as difficult a task as inventing the material, which was overcame with a multi stage process involving heating and injecting stages among other technical steps.


As a result of our efforts, we are proud to offer our newVDM™ in each Argento Audio cable, making available to you the true epitome of perfect electrical insulation and mechanical damping.




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Argento Audio : The FLOW Connectors

The Perfect Crown

A generally admitted truth is that the connector constitutes an overly important part of the audio cable.


Strangely enough, it’s also quite often a neglected part despite its crucial role not only because the market offer is restricted, but also because the knowledge required is seminal and the sum of prospective efforts and investment nothing less than a frightening or even unattainable venture to the sheer majority of audio companies.


None of this kept Argento Audio from devoting the better part of four long years to develop a truly original, custom designed range of connectors:


• Designed from A to Z by Argento Audio.

• Pure silver contacts made of the same purest silver as the Flow conductors.

• Patent pending contact pressure enhancing system.

• No soldering whatsoever.

• Proprietary composite fiber reinforced dielectric utterly surpassing all other dielectric including Teflon in sound quality.

• Hollowed male connector pins, longitudinally drilled in order to further eliminate residual skin effect.

• Staggering geometry precision ushering the best possible continuity for the audio signal between the conductors and the connectors.

• All parts made on high-precision Swiss CNC laths.

• One-piece aluminum housing.

• Set screw strain relief.


Evidently, no off-the-shelf solution could reasonnably match the striking achievement which the Flow represents.


Argento Audio have spared no effort or resource to develop over several years its proprietary set of connectors, worthy crowns befitting the Argento Audio audio incomparable masterpiece: the Flow.

Argento FLOW Connectors