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Abis Tonearm




Abis Tonearms



We bring you more superb analog products from the Land Of the Rising Sun, Japan. 


Introducing Abis tonearms, made by a prominent Japanese tonearm designer with over 40 years of contribution in the Japanese analog industry.  He now shares his expertise and new designs to the world outside Japan.


High-end performance tonearms at reasonable prices.


Designed And Made In Japan, Assembled By Hand


Abis SA-1 Tonearm

Abis SA-1 Tonearm


The Abis SA-1 and TA-1 (9-inch) / TA-1L (12-inch) tonearms are all machine-tooled and hand-assembled by Japanese qualified technicians and technique. This differentiates these series from similar-looking Japanese universal type tonearms, being made mainly by diecasted components and through semi-automatically assembling line to make the cost low


Hand assembling is not just constructing each component parts but create idealistic mechanical surface contact tightly, between every part, to ensure perfect rigid mechanical contact without any looseness.


This more labor-intensive technique means higher quality control necessary to satisfy every vital condition required for properly made analog sound reproduction gear.


In the SA-1 tonearm, one will find 2 small metallic round tubes underneath the armwand along each side's edge.  This is a design to help get better channel separation by further isolating the Right and Left channel music signal line from the phono cartridge.


Concerning reproduced sound from these models, expect an accurate tonality with a very quiet background, a result from the handmade technique, yet at a very reasonable price.  Also expect a rich sound with tight and high definition bass, attributed to the rectangular shape in the tonearm wand section, as bass is recorded mainly in horizontal wave direction in a vinyl record groove.


Abis TA-1 Tonearm

Abis TA-1 Tonearm



  Abis Tonearm Specifications



Some Photos (click or tap to enlarge) :


Abis TA-1 and Abis SA-1 top view, pre-production before labeling Abis SA-1 Tonearm top view Abis SA-1 Tonearm top view Abis TA-1 Tonearm top view Abis TA-1 Tonearm side view
Abis SA-1 top view, pre-production before labeling Abis SA-1 side view, pre-production before labeling Abis SA-1 bottom view showing cable separation Abis TA-1 Top View, pre-production before labeling Abis TA-1 Side View, pre-production before labeling






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